About Latteta

Composer, performing artist, author and storyteller, Latteta Theresa began her career as flutist with the District of Columbia Youth Symphony Orchestra. Her dexterity and musical ability has known no bounds. She excels in the varying fields of Pop, Classical Jazz, New Age and Musical Theatre. Accordingly she unites her original passions for classical and baroque music and the velvet rhythms of Jazz, creating her own special fusion. Her music communicates directly to the soul. Her Flute transcends lyrics. It speaks a language only the heart can decipher.

Latteta’s solo career has taken her to stages and nightclubs throughout the United States, Europe and the Caribbean.  Latteta has graced the stage of many other performers, among them: Patti La Belle, Sheila “E”, Roberta Flack, and Dave Valentine just to name a few.

Dr Deborah Freedman, Conductor of the St Joseph Symphony invited Latteta to perform her children’s story, “When I Grow Up,” for their 1999 children’s concert series. More than 3,600 students and staff enjoyed this performance, given in three back-to-back segments.

Spanning more than three decades Ms. Theresa has enjoyed her role as composer and music director for dramatic as well as musical staging of both original and re-arrangements of well known plays and musicals. She has authored a flute method book with designs for two more additions. Latteta is the recipient of the 1993 Louisiana Jazz Composers Competition and 1996 Author Appreciation Certificate awarded by the University of the District of Columbia. 

Latteta is the recipient of the Author Appreciation Certificate awarded by the University of the District of Columbia as well as the Louisiana Jazz Composers Competition 

Camel Waltz’ is the title of the winning entry for the Louisiana Jazz Composers Competition and is featured in the HBO documentary, A Question of Color by Kathe Sandler YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNVq3adFXGY you can hear ‘Camel Waltz’ @ 1:18. “Camela Waltz” is also featured on the ReeeelaaaaX with Latteta CD Amazon.com 

Latteta has resurrected her children’s story, When I Grow Up – A Fairy Tale Or Is It? The messages in this story are still relevant for today’s society. “It is my dream as composer and author to have this story published into languages for children all over the world, including braille.

Visit Ms Teresa’s website: https://www.latteta.com There you will find some of her recordings and videos.