Your Donations

  I invite you to listen to the story and read the book which is full of so many helpful hints for teachers and parents, and full of visual reading tools, with creative interactive activities that are so greatly needed during these challenging times.

It is my desire to perform a reading of the story (in character with songs) along with additional follow up workshops for children, parents and teachers all over the world.

I appreciate your donations which makes it possible to travel to scheduled events as well as purchase supplies needed for the activities following the storybook reading. Unfortunately, some of the venues requesting a storybook reading are without funding for special educational events. I depend solely on your heart-felt donations for financial support.

Your donations will also help fund my efforts to employ translators for the books, including braille and ultimately have each performance signed.

You may make a one time donation which will include all products you like on the website or make as many donations as you desire.Thank you and many Blessings, Latteta Theresa